Coco…who else?

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the original LBD

We all know that she is credited with introducing the concept of the LBD (little black dress) a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. I am sure it will remain so.

The original dress was crepe de chine with long sleeves,a sheath style so revolutionary it set the stage for the boyish look of the 1920s flapper.No hips,no bust…straight,straight,straight.

Forget the Nancy Reagan suits which is what I often think of when I hear the word Chanel.Forget even the quilted bag…a style I will never understand.Forget Karl Laugerfeld…please…and get back to the basic Coco Chanel.

Believe me when I tell you

Wow…I haven’t been here in a long time.I do have a legit excuse though.My beloved cat of 18 years died.Basically I have been barely functional.I did take in another cat as he needed a home and I had one to give.It is a good match and I am happy he is here.Meet Boris Fluffypantscats,animal adoption

The 3rd annual Trashion Show went really well.It was very well attended and a lot of fun.A little drama as with any show….models not showing up…upcycled,tee shirts,refashion,ecofashion,dress,fashion show white tee shirt dress,wedding dress,alternative fashion,upcycled,recycled,ecofashion








This dress was made from white tee shirts!Believe me when I tell you finding white tee shirts that were not,well,less than white,was something of a challenge.I persevered and I think this dress looks so cute on her and I am pleased with the result.

My goal has always been to make beautiful and functional items that just happen to be upcycled.

Trashion Fashion Show

Step right up and get your tickets to the 3rd annual

Trashion Fashion show

I will be showing 6 looks,on models, all made from recycled tee shirts.recycle,tee shirt dress,upcycle,trashion fashion show,Hartford CT,style,ecofashionYou can do anything with tee shirts (you can quote me)

Hartford CT April 20 2013

I won’t dance,don’t ask me…

Top hats always make me think of Fred Astaire.Yes I know they are mostly associated with steampunk and I like those too.But Fred is THE MAN!

I finally finished the top hat that I have been working on.It has now been sent to it’s destination.It was a completely custom hat made from recycled hat,tophat,custom,men,women,steampunk,vintageI love the green silk lining which was formally a blouse.The pale pink is linen from a vintage tablecloth.There is vintage rayon hem tape,velvet and silk from ties.

Hat salad.

Eco Men’s Top Hat

You can have it all!

I was asked to make a custom top hat for a man for a wedding photo shoot happening in April.I don’t usually do hats for men so I took it as a challenge.

First I built the frame top hat,tophat,men,steampunk,custom,weddimg

The color scheme was to my mind a bit odd,especially for a man.Pale pink,emerald green with touches of red and gold.tophat,top hat,indie fashion,men,steampunk,custom

All the materials are recycled of course .I think it is coming out well and the colors work.They are all pieced together in the stripe pattern with a lot of texture.I will be making a bow tie to go with the hat.Can’t wait to see the photos of the shoot.I will share .

Just a reminder that I am still adding items to my sale section in my Etsy shop.


I have been spending a lot of time lately freaking out about the amount of my heating oil bills.Yikes.When I moved to this apartment I knew the heat was oil,and I wasn’t too thrilled about that.(Such is the life of a renter) .Besides being detrimental to the environment…blah,blah,blah…oil is about $4 per gallon.

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That’s how I feel about it too.Mind you I keep my thermostat really low and I live on the third floor but I will be paying at least $400 per month for the winter months.

My goal now is to nudge my landlord into converting to natural gas and keep warm.Oh yeah…and pay my heating bill.

Do you want to buy a match from a poor little match girl??


cotton,cloche,hat,refashion,Downton Abbey hat,cloche,cotton,tee shirt,recycle.refashion,upcycleWho doesn’t love a cloche? A very wearable style for most women (doesn’t look so great on me :(¬† I am more of an Edwardian style myself)These are made from tee shirts,no surprise there,right?I think these are sweet and a perfect hat for the upcoming spring/summer-which will be here-promise!

One of the best things about these recycled cotton hats is that they pack or store flat.No need for a hatbox!Also they are hand washable with a nylon ‘wire’ brim.The flowers are tattered silk with a vintage button center which is removable for washing.

What else could you want?(Yeah,I know)

You can see them  HERE