Eco Men’s Top Hat

You can have it all!

I was asked to make a custom top hat for a man for a wedding photo shoot happening in April.I don’t usually do hats for men so I took it as a challenge.

First I built the frame top hat,tophat,men,steampunk,custom,weddimg

The color scheme was to my mind a bit odd,especially for a man.Pale pink,emerald green with touches of red and gold.tophat,top hat,indie fashion,men,steampunk,custom

All the materials are recycled of course .I think it is coming out well and the colors work.They are all pieced together in the stripe pattern with a lot of texture.I will be making a bow tie to go with the hat.Can’t wait to see the photos of the shoot.I will share .

Just a reminder that I am still adding items to my sale section in my Etsy shop.

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2 responses to “Eco Men’s Top Hat

  1. This is fantastic! I love seeing other people’s refashions for men, as I have trouble thinking of upcycled gifts to make for my almost 14 year old son, and also my husband. I would love to try making a hat like this. What materials did you make the hat frame from?

    • There are a few things you will need.The base of the hat is a very heavy buckram doubled,the brim is wired with a millinery wire which is a special heavy wire wrapped in rayon,Then you will need crin bias tape.All of these things can be purchased at a millinery supplier (I like Judith M,others use Leko)Best of luck with your project!

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