cotton,cloche,hat,refashion,Downton Abbey hat,cloche,cotton,tee shirt,recycle.refashion,upcycleWho doesn’t love a cloche? A very wearable style for most women (doesn’t look so great on me :(  I am more of an Edwardian style myself)These are made from tee shirts,no surprise there,right?I think these are sweet and a perfect hat for the upcoming spring/summer-which will be here-promise!

One of the best things about these recycled cotton hats is that they pack or store flat.No need for a hatbox!Also they are hand washable with a nylon ‘wire’ brim.The flowers are tattered silk with a vintage button center which is removable for washing.

What else could you want?(Yeah,I know)

You can see them  HERE

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3 responses to “Cloche,Cloche,Cloche

  1. If any of us are really honest, there are actually days, maybe not whole days, but some portion thereof, when a beautiful comfy cloche is absolutely all we do want!

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